I would request that someone wake me up when September ends, due to the extreme pace at which my life is spinning (within my control, mind you), but I have too much productivity planned this month to waste my time away sleeping. Sleep is for the weak – or, in my case, the weekend.

In complete honesty, moving off to college has probably been the easiest transitional change of pace and place I’ve experienced in my life. I won’t say I wasn’t homesick the first week – I had effectively made a grand total of zero friends and was missing the Love of my Life ™ like Noah’s Ark missed the Unicorns – but holy flying broomsticks, Batman. Once that was over, my self – confidence flew into space, my productivity levels became bangin’, I began to both be able and want to be selective about who I socialized with, I caught up on sleep, etc. etc. etc.

Most of the individuals I’ve bonded most comfortably with are sophomores, although I’ve bonded with a group of freshmen over being freshmen and we seem to mesh pretty well. I’ve connected with a few new-to-college friends within my classes as well, through mistakes such as: both of us wrongly assuming the entire class is made up of freshmen, assuming she was not a freshman, making bad jokes and being comforted in my time of need. It’s been a beautiful (however awkward, in select cases) experience.

On the topic of freshmen and classes, my Honors 100 course has already assigned us a project – and I’m stoked out of my mind for it. All of us newbies to the program are to complete, throughout the duration of the semester, ten separate “out of your comfort zone” activities. Seeing as my comfort zone has gradually become somewhere outside of my comfort zone, I’ve dubbed them ‘growth’ activities instead, which really meshes with the name of the whole shebang: the Personal Development Project (PDP).

I’ve sketched my plan out in a graph:


There are five separate categories to be satisfied, each with two activities required for each. The goal of each of these activities is to stretch you as an individual and allow you to see outside your selective perspective you already have.

Some of these activities may look completely foreign – which is expected. I would love to explain all of them to you, so I will; but in the form of my PDP creation. This blog will be the forum with which I present my required reflections, and explain the meaning behind them. I’m looking forward to sharing them all with you! Wish me luck!

Much love,



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