Love Letter to Long Time Coming

This is not a poem – this is not stating things as they are not rather than as they are. This is a statement of facts and experiences as they have happened and have yet to come.

Love Letter to Long Time Coming:

There’s a certain affection that follows you when traveling long-winded roads where the likeness of daylight has absorbed into street lamps and storefronts. The damp atmosphere will mimic the vapor in your exhale and cocoon your body in your own DNA.

There are whispers in pages in nearly abandoned bookstores and morning breath abounds within the books that have been bound to slumber for years upon years on sleeping shelves. Some have night terrors and scream as you pass – others dream in psychedelic shades and pull at you with their intuition.


Flickering fluorescent lights are the equivalent to passing memories, watching li(fe)ght pass before your baby blues. A plain white prism shifting to a kaleidoscopic cadence to pupils in communication with your mind’s eye.

There is a cream to counteract the bitterness, an adrenaline rush to that apathy.IMG_0803

You can create comets in glitter-glue starscapes on your skin, and within them, connect your constellations.


You’ll find a one-way street you keep coming back to.



You’ve been a long time coming… and I’ll catch up to you soon.



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