Poetry Dump!

As I am transferring an increasing amount of poetry to a computerized format, I have discovered that it is becoming increasingly likely that I will, indeed, be searching in the near future for a publisher to officially solidify my works into a single, solid entity. They are forming minds and categories of their own – I’m taking everything I’ve experienced in my life and half the time, things I haven’t and letting my hand do the talking. My slight training onstage and with other creative folk has intensely affected the way I create, and it’s coming to the point where I have to re-read a poem to check to see it’s true to who I am. More and more are becoming fictitious endeavors of imagined people and events, and that’s nearly as freeing as writing personal, journalistic poetry.

All of this is to say I’d like to share some more works with you – I had the privilege of being interviewed today regarding the Poet Laureate title, and it jump-started my poetry-posting wheel. It’s been a few weeks, give or take, since I’ve shared anything to you, dear public, and I believe that today is a good day for a poetry delivery.


I Can Count on More Friends Than Fingers


December 1, 2015 – 10:33 pm






And last but not least, an untitled poem – which just happens to be the first one I decided to memorize and perform. This little friend is quite near and dear to my heart and to my poetry adventure.


Hopefully, you’ve gotten closer to me, just as I have to you.

Much love,

Quinn ❤

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