Calling All Artists!

Alright sO.

I recently made a Facebook post about this topic, but I want to get the word out so we can have a variation of artistic minds to help with this project. Basically, I’m interested in collaborating with an amateur cosmetologist, wardrobe stylist, visual artist, and model(s) to put together a weird photoshoot this spring.

The process for choosing collaborators will regard past artistic works (so please submit at least three current works or photos of yours for consideration) and potential for melding well with the project outcome envisioned.

This won’t be a, “Oh, yeah, I’ll help out,” then BAM we’re out in the field working sort of escapade-it will take place over a few months of planning (due to the school musical taking up a certain someone’s time-hello), location scouting, and troubleshooting before we even go to the production stage.

I’m specifically looking for individuals with a unique artistic voice. I’m not asking for quiet works-I’m asking for something that is like a punch to the cornea, but in the most interesting way possible. If your work is demure but has a voice, please submit your portfolio to be reviewed!

Models who are interested: Please make sure you are comfortable with bold cosmetics and taking direction (in other words, it might help to have a slight theatre background).

All that are interested, please contact me!

Many thanks and much love,

Quinn ❤

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