Things I Will (try to) Do In 2016

Everyone has a different opinion when it comes to New Years Resolutions. Some people prefer to set new goals instead of resolutions, some don’t set any at all, and all of us hear about the people who go all gung-ho for the first one or two months of the year before petering out and starting up again next January first in hopes that they can become the elusive elite that actually keep the resolutions they set for themselves.

I’m a little bit of all of these people. I’ve begun to set various (tentative) resolutions for myself each year so that there’s a desire to get these things accomplished, but never an overwhelming pressure to immediately get them done-and all at once.

Honestly, I trick myself into the difficult stuff-this year’s list is as follows:

  1. Don’t die before you’re legally able to do the things half your friends do.
  2. Graduate.
  3. Submit a collection of poetry for publication.
  4. Fall in love (Or off a cliff, same thing).
  5. [I refuse to write the fifth one lolololol]
  6. Get hired at a local cafe.
  7. See anyone but Trump or Clinton become President.
  8. Participate in the aforementioned election.
  9. Continue spiritual growth.
  10. Visit Maija and Nina in New York.
  11. Recreate yourself (A.K.A. Business as usual).
  12. Ditch the habit of abhorrently overthinking.
  13. You do you, boo.

I’m dead-set on turning 18 (pun intended), and unless something goes incredibly wrong, I’m pretty sure I’m going to graduate. I have a very small effect on the election-I know, I know, every vote counts-but at least I’ll be able to have some effect on the outcome. It’s my first year of being able to vote; my fellow Americans had better not disappoint. I’m already in the midst of creating plans to visit Maija and her girlfriend over spring break, I’m currently reading The First Muslim by Lesley Hazelton, I’ve been recreating myself since Freshman year, and the last one is more of a stereotypical-teen-girl mantra that I’ll try to invoke each time I feel as though my person is something to be changed.

The rest of that stuff you see in the middle? Yeah, that’s going to be difficult. The reason I blended everything together was to make the harder things seem a lot easier once I figured out how easy the other resolutions were as I finished them, but I know that I’ll find some of these a lot more daunting than just surviving for at least… Hold up, let me check a calendar.

…Seventy-five more days.

Revolving around the sun on its gravitational pull requires absolutely zero exertion from any one of us, and that’s why I placed that at the top of my list. These miscellaneous items that actually require productivity, however, may take some elbow grease.

Getting hired somewhere is fine and dandy, but getting hired somewhere one wants to be employed is the real kicker. I’m going to do my best to get hired this summer at Mayan Buzz, because I’m there at least once a week anyway.

Falling in love? All right and dandy if you’re in a committed relationship, but ya girl has issues thinking it’s possible for someone to fall for her, which in turn ruins her own ability to trust someone enough so that she can fall in love.


Overthinking. All. The. Time. It helps when you’re an analyst and a writer- and especially when working with people-because you’re using empathy and logic to understand what’s going on. When you’re the one at the mercy of your own cognizance, however, that’s where it begins to get rough. Every little thing you do becomes an object of your attention. You begin to wonder if small, insignificant plans will become regrets and mistakes in your life that will hold you back from reaching your utmost goals. Even time you set aside for yourself has a definitive purpose or else you feel as though you’re wasting time. It isn’t just a perfectionist sort of thing.

Lastly, I’m dead-set on sending in at least a small collection of my poems in for publication. A lot of what I write is meant to be spoken-word, but it reads just fine on paper; even if it isn’t precisely how I want it to be read. This might be a goal that slips into next year’s resolutions due to the slow process of producing a book, but I’ll learn as I go. If anything, I’ll just independently publish it and distribute copies out of my home sweet home.

I wish you all luck on your resolutions this year, or lack thereof!

Much love,


P.S. That fancy lookin’ stuff in that glass in the featured image is sparkling grape juice, friends. I got turnt on New Years.

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